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School Calendar

2023-2024 Calendar

First Term

August 14
August 17
August 23/25
August 21
September 20/22
September 18
September 28
October 18/20
October 16
October 30
October 31
November 1,
November 3
November 6
November 2
November 3

August 14 to November 3

First Day of Term I (August 14 to November 3)
Government Holiday (No School)
Cirebon/Cipete Birthdays for August
Garut Birthday for August
Information meetings for new parents (TBA)
Cipete and Cirebon: September Birthday party
Garut September Birthday parties
Indonesian Government Holiday (No School)
Cipete & Cirebon: October birthday parties
Garut : October birthday parties
Garut Halloween Party
Cipete Halloween Party
Cirebon Halloween Party
Parent Conferences Cirebon (school open)
Parent Conferences Garut (school open)
Parent Conferences Cipete (school open)
Last day of Term

Second Term

November 9
November 20
November 22/24
December (tentative)
December (tentative)
December 11,12
December 11,12
December 15
December 18,2023 to Jan 5, 2024
Jan 8, 2024
January 24/26
January 15/22
February 12
February 14(Cirebon, Garut, Cipete)
February 19/20
February 21/23
February 12
February 13
February 16

November 9 to February 16

First Day of Term II
Garut: November birthday parties
Cipete and Cirebon: November birthday parties
Garut and Cirebon YEAR END CONCERT
Cipete and Cirebon: December birthday parties
Garut: December birthday parties
Children’s Party at school
Year end holiday
School resumes
Cipete and Cirebon: January Birthday Parties
Garut: January Birthday Parties
Indonesian Government Holiday (No School)
Chinese New Year Party
Valentine’s Day Party
Garut February birthday parties
Cirebon/Cipete birthday parties
Garut: Parent conferences (School Open)
Cirebon: Parent conferences (School Open)
Cipete: Parent conferences (School Open)
Last Day of Term II

Third Term

February 19
March 18/19
March 20/24
April 2
April 1
April 3
April 8-12
April 15-19
April 24/26
April 22/23
April 23 or 24
May 15 (date to be confirmed)

May 20/21
May 22/24
MAY 23
May 29

February 19  to May 29

First Day of Term III
Indonesian Government Holiday (No School)
Garut: March birthday parties
Cirebon/Cipete: March Birthday parties
Indonesian Government Holiday (No School)
Spring Egg Hunt Cirebon
Spring Egg Hunt Garut
Spring Egg hunt Cipete
Idul Fitri Holiday (School Closed)
Spring Break (School Closed)
Cipete and Cirebon: April birthday parties
Garut: April birthday parties
Idul Fitri celebration for children
Indonesian Government Holiday (No School)
Indonesian Government Holiday (No School)
Graduation Party and Program (K1/K2:Seniors and Kindergarteners) 
Garut: May Birthday Parties
Cipete and Cirebon May Birthday Parties
Indonesian Government Holiday (No School))
Last day of Term III/reports given Pizza Party

Fourth Term: Summer Camp

June 3 to July 26 (8 weeks)
July 31 to August 11


Weekly enrolment
School closed for painting and building repair

Tentative First Day 2024-25

August 12


First Day for Term I (12 weeks)

Holiday Closures

Please note we are closed for all Indonesian national holidays:
(Holidays that occur during a school vacation are not listed)

2023 (subject to change):

  • June 2-4 - Hari Raya Waisak
  • June 29: Eid al-Adha (Haji Lebaran)
  • July 19: Islamic New Year
  • August 17: Indonesian Independence Day
  • Sept 28: Birth of Prophet Muhammad
  • December 25-26: Christmas

2024 (subject to change):

  • February 8 - Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad
  • March 11 - Nyepi
  • March 29 - Good Friday
  • April 11/12 - Idul Fitri
  • May 1 - Labour Day
  • May 23 - Waisak
  • May 9 - Ascension of Jesus Christ
  • June 1 - Pancasila Day
  • June 18 - Eid al-Adha (Haji Lebaran)
  • July 8 - Islamic New Year
  • August 17 - Indonesian Independence Day
  • Sept16 - Birth of Prophet Muhammad

Please note: dates are subject to change.

For more information on Discovery Center or for registration,
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Children learn and thrive ... at Discovery Center in Jakarta, Indonesia

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