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Parents and Toddlers Program at Discovery Center

Moms and TotsHistory

Discovery Center first opened its doors in June 1993. The Parent and Toddler program began in September 1993. Due to concerns of covid we only offer a monthly option at the present time. You may enroll of 1 day/week or 2 days/week

Garden Party

At Discovery Center, we create an environment for parents and their toddlers to meet friends, new and old, and to socialize. Children accompanied by their parent or nanny play outside on swings, climbers, rocking boat, riding cars, and tricycles. A water table and sand box are readied for each session. Each school has an inside tumbling area and an art center where a project is ready for your child’s enjoyment. Educational toddler toys for exploration and learning as well as toddler books and puzzles are prepared.


  • 9:15 to 9:40 - Free time with your child: Inside tumbling area, art project table, toy/book table.
    Outside: water and sand play, climbing, sliding, swinging equipment, riding cars.
  • 9:40 - Story time. Parent volunteers are encouraged to share their favorite books from home with the group or to choose one from the Discovery Center library.
  • 9:50 - Musical Movement: Either parent or teacher led, your child can participate in many different musical activities: London Bridge, Hokey Pokey, free dance, parachute and music, rhythm instruments etc.
  • 10:10 - Snack time and outside play
  • 10:30 - Singing/Farewell circle with teacher and guitar

Fee Structure

ToddlerAll families prepay each month (4 weeks).  Missed days are added  to the prepaid day (but cannot be moved to a different day).

  • Monthly fee 1 day/week fee Rp 130,000 x 4 sessions per month is Rp 520,000/month
  • Monthly fee 2 days/week Rp 130,000 x 8 sessions (1 session free)= Rp 910,000


Cipete (already open)

Jl Haji Abdul Majid Dalam 28
Cipete, Jakarta Selatan
Tlp (21) 765-7040 - Email:
Wednesdays and Fridays: Parent and Toddlers 9:15 to 10:45


Jl Garut 10
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
Tlp (21) 314-9425 - Hp/WA 0816-712919 - Email:
Tuesdays and Thursdays Parent/Nanny and Toddler 9:15 to 10:45
Wednesdays and Fridays: Parent and Toddlers 9:15 to 10:45

Security Documents Required for Toddler Class

These documents should be emailed within 1 week of first attendance.

  • Photos of the child, both parents, nanny (if nanny attends)
  • Photos of the passport of child, BOTH parents, and ID card of nanny
  • Covid vaccination certificates for parents/nannies who attend
  • Vaccination book of toddler 

If your child loves art, music, toys and activities,
don't miss out on the fun!

For more information on Discovery Center or for registration,
contact us via e-mail

Children learn and thrive ... at Discovery Center in Jakarta, Indonesia


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